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Student Leadership

At Baturyn School, a number of student leadership activities run at various times during the school year. Some of these activities change from year to year as they are student driven and student initiated.

Many of these activities happen during the lunch hour. Students are encouraged to ask their teacher for more information about joining a club or about starting a new club. Some of the clubs also offered include:

PALS (Playground Activity Leaders)

Grade Level of Participants: Grade 6 students

Objective of the Group: Be Proactive, Think Win-Win and facilitate playground actives for students from Kindergarten to Grade Three

Meeting Day and Time: the PALS are out every recess, including lunch time recess, and they are in classrooms during indoor recess


Citizenship Leaders

Grade Level of Participants: Students from Grade 4 to 6

Objective of the Group: Connect students with their local and global communities; bring awareness about issues impacting others; to foster students as makers of change.

Meeting Day and Time: Throughout the year at various times


Environmental Team

Grade Level of Participants: Students from Grade 2 to 4

Objective of the Group: Promote environmental awareness at Baturyn School through recycling and promoting other environmental causes

Meeting Day and Time: Students do their tasks at lunch time and at the end of the day. The club meets on Wednesday afternoon at lunch recess as needed